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NHS trusts buys biozek antibody kits from Dutch firm to test staff

NHS trusts have resorted to buying coronavirus antibody tests overseas in a bid to get their staff back to work, after becoming increasingly frustrated with delays in obtaining kits from the Government. Five trusts in England are in talks with Dutch firm Biozek Medical to buy thousands of its rapid finger-prick tests which give a

The Vatican orders 700 test kits to look for coronavirus cases

The Vatican orders 700 test kits to look for coronavirus cases Covid-19 has arrived in Santa Marta, the Pope’s residence. So far, 5 people have tested positive, but the fear is that there are more cases From the other side of the Tiber river, an order was placed to the United States for 700 Covid-19

West Jakarta records highest number of COVID-19 cases from rapid testing

Rapid COVID-19 tests initiated by the Jakarta administration have shown West Jakarta as the area of the capital hit hardest by the disease, as health authorities record a worsening trend in terms of the number of confirmed cases. According to data released by the Jakarta Health Agency on Thursday, 177 cases were confirmed in West

To Get Back to Work, Companies Seek Coronavirus Tests for Workers (Wall Street Journal)

Testing workers for Covid-19 could prevent the virus’s spread and boost confidence about coming back to work, but it’s no easy undertaking, medical experts say Companies from Inc. to General Motors Co. are exploring ways to test their employees for Covid-19 before they come in to work. Regular tests for workers could keep exposure