Surgical Masks – 3 Ply


NCovtest has a variety of 3-ply masks in stock with different grades and certifications.
Pricing; Between 0.35p-0.45p per unit depending on order size.

We do our best to endeavour to verify the certification and legitimacy of Personal Protection Equipment.

This listing is for 3-Ply Surgical Masks. When enquiring please state your type of healthcare institution and we will do our best to enquire that the right grade of PPE is matched with your request.

  1. a. CE Marked
  2. b. 3 Ply with Melt blown
  3. c. Pack of 100
  4. d. Minimum of 5000 pieces.
  5. e. (EU) 2016/425 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  6. f. Tested against standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009

All stock is available and held in warehouses in the UK.

Features / Benefits

  • Personal Protection Equipment delivered to the frontline without bureaucracy
  • Short lead times, same day dispatch if possible
  • Dedicated Drivers to Deliver
  • Best Prices available
  • Bulk Imports from manufacturers.
  • Stock available for immediate dispatch 24/7

Additional information


24 Hours Delivery in UK


900,000 units of these masks available and in stock.
Orders up to 1.5m per day can be filled.

Pack Sizes

50 or 100 masks per box


50-100 masks per box

Storage Info