West Jakarta records highest number of COVID-19 cases from rapid testing

Rapid COVID-19 tests initiated by the Jakarta administration have shown West Jakarta as the area of the capital hit hardest by the disease, as health authorities record a worsening trend in terms of the number of confirmed cases.

According to data released by the Jakarta Health Agency on Thursday, 177 cases were confirmed in West Jakarta; followed by East Jakarta with 111 cases.

On the other hand, Thousand Islands regency recorded the lowest number, with only one of 52 people having undergone rapid testing to test positive for COVID-19.

The agency initiated rapid testing for 20,532 people across the province, as announced by Fifi Mulyani of the agency’s public health division, 428 of whom tested positive for the disease.

The administration also held rapid testing at its employee healthcare center in Gambir district, Central Jakarta. Of the 330 people tested at the center, 13 people tested positive. ify advised people to take precautionary measures in line with the official protocol for dealing with COVID-19.

“Use masks whenever you go out [if you’re sick], while healthy people can use cloth masks. Don’t forget to dispose of them properly,” she told reporters during a press conference at City Hall on Friday.

“If you leave your home, clean yourself up and wash your clothes upon returning before making contact with your family.”

According to the government’s official count on Friday, there are 971 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the capital city. Of them, 90 patients have died of the disease while 54 had recovered

he provincial administration has extended the COVID-19 state of emergency until April 19, instructing schools, offices and public places to remain closed, as well as urging residents to stay home to prevent further transmission of the disease.

To help the administration in handling the outbreak, the public at large and private sector have offered support. Forty-six organizations have donated, among other things, personal protective gear and staple items between March 18 and Thursday.

“The administration still needs protective gear, gloves, disinfectant and staple items,” said Fify.

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2020/04/04/west-jakarta-records-highest-number-of-covid-19-cases-from-rapid-testing.html

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